Eye Makeup Tips After Eyelid Surgery

After eyelid surgery, it is crucial to follow your surgeon’s detailed recovery plan to ensure optimal results. These recovery instructions will include guidelines for the use of eye makeup. Although it may be tempting to camouflage any bruising that follows the procedure with foundation, it’s wise to wait until after you get the go-ahead from your surgeon.

Makeup After Surgery

Can you wear eye makeup after blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)? The short answer is no – at least not right away. Most patients experience bruising and swelling around the eyes, and you’ll have fresh incisions. The eye area needs time to heal and recover. Although this timeframe may vary from patient to patient, two weeks is generally the timeline for resuming normal activities and wearing eye makeup again. 

During recovery, it may be tempting to apply makeup before going out; however, this choice could negatively impact the healing process. If you must go outside your home, we suggest sunglasses as an alternative. Once your surgeon tells you it’s okay to apply makeup, these tips will help ensure a successful experience. 

Applying and Removing Makeup

Less is best. Use a light touch when applying cosmetic products and only use a thin base of foundation. Smaller amounts of product will be easier to remove. 

Use a gentle touch. Removing makeup harshly can damage the freshly healed skin. Avoid pulling on the eyelids or rubbing too hard. We recommend a high-quality makeup remover to make the removal process easier. 

Choosing Cosmetic Products

The skin may be sensitive after an eyelid lift. Look for products that are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and designed for sensitive skin. If you’ve been using a particular brand for years that doesn’t irritate, start with that brand. 

Eye Makeup During the Recovery Process 

While swelling and bruising are temporary after-effects of eyelid surgery, they may continue in diminishing shades even after your recovery is officially over. 

Bruising is generally the last after-effect of surgery to resolve. With your surgeon’s approval, consider covering the bruising with a light concealer. Colored formulations can be used to counter any residual discoloration. If your bruises are a bit red, use a green concealer. For blue or purple bruising, choose yellow to offset the dark appearance. 

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In most cases, the best advice for makeup comes from women. Likewise, when considering eyelid surgery to enhance feminine beauty, a female surgeon may offer the best perspective. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Vivian Hernandez, offers upper and lower eyelid surgery at her facial plastic surgery center in Boca Raton. 

To learn more about the procedure, its recovery, and how you can restore a youthful eye appearance, contact her today at 561-750-8600 to ask your questions or schedule a consultation.


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