Frown Line Correction

The forehead is one of the most prominent features of the face. This is not an area that you mindfully control, yet it can literally “broadcast” your feelings. Once, your forehead expressed your most youthful thoughts and accentuated a smile just above your brow line.

After a certain age, the forehead starts to carry the lines of aging, and that once smooth billboard now broadcasts signs of deep thought and even unintentional signs of anger. The forehead can become like a furrowed map of unhappiness – a barometer of your immediate emotions and concerns.

Softening that grimace

In the hands of Dr. Hernandez, there are surgical procedures, as well as more immediate remedies, that can diminish these deep lines and even eliminate this seemingly permanent frown. Injections of Botox in the surface across the brow will smooth out those forehead furrows.

In addition, she will address what appears to be the number “11” or furrowed lines between the brows. These lines are formed by the contraction of the corrugator muscles. Here, Dr. Hernandez recommends a hyaluronan-based injectable such as Juvederm XC. This can help to soften your number “11” indentations.

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  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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