Eyelash Enhancers

Dr. Hernandez frequently refers to the eyes as the most expressive feature on the face. The eyelashes frame the eyes, like a natural border, and enhance their shape and contour. The mere opening and closing of the eyes engages our lashes and communicates our emotions.

Over time, the eyelashes can become fine, brittle, and dry from physical, chemical, and biological effects. Eyelash loss or thinning is also due to the natural aging process, diet and nutritional habits, and use of certain makeup, as well as environmental pollutants and exposure to the sun.

Eyelash Enhancement with Dr. Hernandez

In consultation with Dr. Hernandez, she will evaluate the condition of your eyelashes and the degree to which they have become insufficiently visible. She can prescribe a treatment to help you restore your eyelashes and revitalize these tiny fragile, thinning hairs.

Of the two products most often prescribed by Dr. Hernandez, both contain natural nutrients to replenish the lashes of the upper eyelid and each can be applied by the patient on a daily basis. Dr. Hernandez will advise you how to most effectively administer these daily brush-in treatments.

Revitalash®, a Cosmetic Eyelash Enhancement

RevitaLash Eyelash Enhancer

Revitalash® is cosmetic eyelash conditioner enriched with Bio Peptin Complex, a natural botanical serum that saturates brittle lashes, enabling them to naturally thicken. Revitalash has proven to be effective in restoring and enhancing damaged lashes.

Daily applications can regenerate and strengthen the lashes. The product sold in Dr. Hernandez’s office comes with an applicator to allow easy applications of Revitalash on a daily basis, usually before makeup is applied.

 By Revitalash in Boca Raton

Dr. Hernandez may prescribe Latisse® for your Eyelash EnhancementLatisse Boca Raton

Latisse® is a prescription treatment containing bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, which will enable your lashes to grow fuller, darker, and longer. The doctor will instruct you on how to carefully apply the daily treatment.

The application is gently brushed on the edges of the eyelashes on the upper eyelid. This prescription treatment has been proven to be effective with noticeable improvement within sixteen weeks.

Latisse Boca Raton


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