Lip Correction (Lip Augmentation / Lip Line Correction)

Dr. Hernandez believes the lips are a focal feature of the face, and for many women, their lips may eventually become a concern. The doctor takes special care when treating the lips to ensure that they retain their natural volume and contour. A lip correction is different for every patient and in consultation with Dr. Hernandez, she can advise you of your options.

As we age, the normally defined lip line may disappear, giving the impression that the lips are deflated and in some instances, even appear “swallowed.” Sometimes the aging process causes the lips to contract and deflate creating the very fine small vertical lines at the very border of the upper and lower lip or both. This can make it difficult to apply lipstick.

Lip Augmentation

A lip augmentation can return volume to the lips, recapturing a youthful look.

This loss of volume in the lips is corrected by softening the vertical lip lines above the red lip area. This is achieved by placing small injections in the red border (vermillion line) along the white portion or rolls of the lips. The smallest injection can return natural contours to the perioral region thus, enhancing and augmenting the lips.

Dr. Hernandez can restore the anatomy of the lip with fillers, such as Juvederm XC®. This is a product that she considers to be pliable and easy to inject. The doctor also has the option to use the recently introduced Restylane Silk®, another product used in restoring the contours of the lips to a more natural appearance.

When the lips are artistically and properly treated, they will re-appear normal and natural, and will not have any pronounced voluminous swelling as if they had been stung by a bee. The doctor takes care not to over-volumize the lips, but instead restores their previous shape.

Lip Line Correction

With a lip line correction the doctor can correct and distinguish the lip line when it seems to have disappeared or lost its defined contour. The doctor can also correct the long or short vertical lip lines that appear in the upper and lower lip. These lines are often the result of the natural aging process and are common among people who smoke. By correcting these lines, the lips appear normal again without seeming over-inflated.

This is a procedure that is technique-dependent and in the hands of Dr. Hernandez the shape of the lip line can be recreated with an application of Juvederm XC.

The injectables are applied by Dr. Hernandez, with the precision of a plastic surgeon, aided by her sensitivity to facial anatomy and her artistic eye.

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