Cheek Augmentation

A person may notice that their cheeks appear hollow or have a deflated look, giving the face an overall square appearance. The hollowness is caused by a natural loss of fat in the deep and superficial compartments of the face. Those once-robust compartments are now framed by the cheek bone and jaw bone, thus the square-like look. Loss of fatty tissue, combined with bone reabsorption and reduced skin elasticity, now makes the face appear droopy and maybe even sad.

Loss of the Natural Fat

When this occurs in a woman’s face, the cheek lines may no longer have that normal fullness that makes the face have a heart shape. Similarly for a man, when the cheeks deflate, there is a noticeable relaxation of the facial tissues, and a man’s cheeks seem to sag and accentuate the jaw line.

This loss of elasticity, combined with the relaxation of soft tissue, may even further accentuate the squareness at the bottom of the face. This could be caused by weight loss, but more likely, it is a loss of fat and soft tissue combined with diminished skin elasticity that occurs naturally with age. This is all hastened and exaggerated by gravity over time.

Returning a Youthful Look to the Cheeks

When the face has lost its youthful natural look due to sunken and deflated cheeks, Dr.Hernandez has a number of options other than surgery to address this droopiness in the cheeks. Among the products Dr. Hernandez uses are injectables like Juvederm XC, Voluma XC, Radiesse, or Sculptra. All of these injectables contain a hyaluronan base, that vital fluid we lose with aging.

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