Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

When seeking facial harmony and balance because of an underdeveloped or weak chin, individuals should consider a chin augmentation as the perfect option to resolve their cosmetic concern. The operation creates stunning outcomes as it restores facial symmetry from every angle. As a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Vivian Hernandez is committed to helping patients achieve facial balance through chin augmentation along with several other treatments and procedures. If you are contemplating chin augmentation, call our office today to ask your specific questions.

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What is the Ideal Chin Size?

Optimal chin projections are somewhat subjective and rely on other factors like overall facial measurements, nose size, and the patient’s height. But as a rule, considering an individual’s profile, the front of the chin should come close to an imaginary vertical line drawn down from the extreme edge of the lower lip. For women, it is acceptable to be a little short of that line while men may project a few millimeters beyond that border. Any chin that does not protrude close to this area is considered a weak or retruding chin which sets back from the ideal projection point.

A chin augmentation will extend the chin’s position close to the ideal border to improve balance and profile. The chin implant will sit directly on top of the bone and will feel like part of the bone itself. After chin augmentation, the neck will appear sleeker providing an optimal frame for facial appearances. If there is excessive fat in the neck area, Dr. Hernandez may include liposuction to the procedure.

Chin Augmentation Candidates

A chin augmentation can be a good fit for patients who seek a long-term solution for their under-defined chin. Although temporary remedies exist with injectable fillers, a chin augmentation should last a lifetime. Dr. Hernandez tailors her chin augmentation surgery to match her patient’s cosmetic goals. Inserting silicone implants to the jaw and chin areas, she can safely and effectively define your jawline and chin from every profile and angle.

Chin augmentation has a high satisfaction score from its many patients. Dr. Hernandez can create a subtle cosmetic balance between the chin, cheeks, lips, and nose.

Addressing a retruding chin

If your retruding or weak chin bothers you or you feel your face lacks proportion, a chin augmentation can correct this aesthetic issue and increase your confidence and improve your self-esteem. When a qualified surgeon performs chin augmentation surgery, it can:

  • Correct a recessed or weak chin
  • Improve facial harmony by bringing the chin into better proportion with other features
  • Help lessen the visibility of a full or double chin caused by a small chin bone
  • Improve jaw and neck definition


Dr. Hernandez chooses the size of the chin implant according to facial anatomy to avoid a button-like appearance or a chin protrusion. The implant’s side-extensions will follow the jawline to make it look natural. Dr. Hernandez will mold the implant to fit the patient’s facial anatomy perfectly and address any aesthetic deficiency to enhance facial profile. Dr. Hernandez has countless chin augmentation surgeries to her credit with over twenty years as a plastic surgeon.

Chin implants in Dr. Hernandez’s hands

Dr. Hernandez uses chin implants sized according to the facial anatomy, so they don’t look like a button or a protrusion stuck onto the chin.The implant side-extensions follow the contours of the jaw line, making them look natural as if they belonged to this particular face all along.

In Dr. Hernandez’s hands and with her aesthetic sensibility, the implants can actually be shaped or molded to fit the patient’s anatomy, redressing an aesthetic deficiency and enhancing the profile. A chin implant is a relatively easy operation performed by Dr. Hernandez in her Boca Raton offices.

Chin implants in conjunction with facelifts by Dr. Hernandez

Normally, I would do a chin augmentation as part of a lower facelift, yet it can be done separately anytime, notes Dr. Hernandez. There is an advantage of doing the augmentation when the neck is already open, as the implant is placed through the same incision. The more comprehensive procedure makes the surgery corrective as well as cosmetic.

Candidates for chin augmentation range from teenagers to any adult who feels that they are lacking a well-defined chin profile.

Recovery from chin augmentation with Dr. Hernandez

Recovery from chin augmentation with Dr. Hernandez takes about a week. However, combining chin augmentation with other cosmetic procedures can lengthen the recovery period. Swelling is to be expected after surgery, causing patients to feel some tightness in the chin area. The swelling usually peaks at two days after surgery. There can be mild bruising at the chin and jawline as well.

Pain medication will control any discomfort, and prescribed antibiotics will stave off infection. During the first week or so after surgery, the patient should sleep with their head elevated to reduce swelling and encourage the healing process. Patients should also avoid physical strain, lifting or bending for at least one week.

Showers are permitted on the day after surgery, sutures will be removed one week after surgery, and most patients can return to work a week after surgery. You will receive her personalized care following chin augmentation and throughout the recovery process, and Dr. Hernandez will personally remove the sutures as healing advances.

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Chin Augmentation Results

After the surgery, you will notice a visible difference in your chin projection. Although swelling may not allow you to appreciate the full results for several weeks, your chin will project much further, and you will see constant improvement over the next several weeks.

Your neck will look slimmer, your chin more pronounced and your facial profile will be dramatically improved.

Taking the Next Step

If you are considering a permanent solution to make your chin more prominent, you should schedule a consultation today. Board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Vivien Hernandez offers chin augmentation as well as other facial enhancements, surgical and non-surgical.

Contact the office of Dr. Hernandez today to ask your questions, schedule a consultation or explore whether a chin augmentation is right for you.

Chin Augmentation FAQs

How long does a chin implant last?

Unlike a breast implant, a chin implant is solid and will never need replacing. There is nothing to rupture or damage, and most patients keep their implants a lifetime.

Is Chin Augmentation Painful?

There is little to no discomfort after chin augmentation. If you do feel some pain, you will have oral pain medication to make you comfortable.

What are the risks associated with Chin Augmentation?

Like all surgeries, chin augmentation comes with risk including hematoma, seroma, numbness from nerve damage, hyperpigmentation, implant shifting, and unsatisfactory results. It is best to choose a facial plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to ensure optimal results.



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