Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are proven facial rejuvenation techniques that remove damaged skin cells. They effectively regenerate a fresh layer of skin, rendering the facial surface smoother and fresher.

TCA Peels with Dr. Hernandez are a Proven Method of Exfoliation

Dr. Hernandez often uses a Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) peel in her offices in Boca Raton. TCA is a powerful exfoliating agent, and when applied by the doctor, the outer layers of epidermal and dermal cells react to the solution, causing a condition similar to sunburn. The top layers of superficial dermis and epidermis peel off over four to five days, just like the sloughing off of skin after overexposure to the sun. Subsequently, layers of pink, baby-like skin appear from underneath this dead skin.Thus begins the healing process and regeneration of the patient’s dermal layers.

During the recovery phase, the skin becomes extremely sensitive. To soothe the affected skin, Dr. Hernandez recommends that patients routinely cover the areas with petroleum jelly-based ointments. The doctor might recommend ointment-based creams like Elta or Aquaphor. These skin care products will aid in hydrating the skin and hasten its restoration.

Once the healing process begins following a TCA peel, the doctor advises the patient to restrain from additional exposure to the sun, as this can cause even more damage with hyperpigmentation of the skin.

When TCA Peels are used by Dr. Hernandez

Dr. Hernandez may use chemical peels in conjunction with certain surgical procedures. When indicated, the doctor performs TCA peels in conjunction with eyelid surgery, frequently on the lower eyelids, or after facelift surgery. The treatment is effective in smoothing very fine wrinkles under the lower lid.

Additionally, the doctor may apply small amounts of TCA to brown spots in the eye and mouth areas, on the cheeks, and sometimes on the back of the hands. She frequently addresses such hyperpigmentation with applications of TCA.

There are other less intense, lighter chemical peels available in Dr. Hernandez’s office, but TCA is the one uniquely performed by the doctor herself.*

The doctor will follow up with the patient throughout the recovery period, which can last from five to six days.

*See Skin Care section for information about Chemical Peel Light.

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