Surgical Supplements

Before a patient undergoes a surgical procedure of any magnitude, I thoroughly evaluate their overall health and wellness. While some people may already be following a regimen of vitamins and supplements, I routinely prescribe a separate homeopathic supplemental program to prepare a patient for surgery and to ensure them of a smooth and healthy recovery.
– Dr. Vivian Hernandez

VitaMedica Recovery Support Program

2015-VM-Recovery-SupportAfter carefully considering and testing a variety of natural vitamin supplements for patient recovery, Dr. Hernandez recommends and prescribes the Recovery Support Program from VitaMedica to prepare patients for surgery and to reinforce post-operative recuperation.

This comprehensive one-month program includes three products: Clinical Support Morning and Evening Formulations, and bromelain with quercetin. The supplemental vitamins in these products combine essential nutrients to sustain surgical patients day and night. Additionally, this combination of vitamins speeds the healing process, boosts the immune system, and minimizes inflammation.

Among the major vitamins included in this program are Vitamins A and C, beta-carotene, Vitamin E, zinc, and copper. Together, they aid in wound healing and support the immune system, while the combination of bromelain with quercetin prohibits inflammation and allergic reactions.

Arnica Montana will aid in relief from bruising

In addition to the supplements of the Recovery Support Program, I also prescribe the homeopathic preparations of Arnica Montana. This natural medication from the plant of the same name aids in diminishing bruising and swelling that a patient may experience following less invasive surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty. -Dr. Vivian Hernandez

2015-VM-Arnica-Montana-120This natural medication is derived from the Arnica Montana plant, which is native to Western Europe and the U.S. Its natural healing properties have been proven to advance the healing process without side effects. It stimulates healing of bruising, thus lessening the embarrassment a patient may experience following surgery.

It is an effective treatment following blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and can be used when sutures from procedures such as brow lifts or skin resurfacing leave bruising and discoloration. The dark color of the bruised area can be significantly lessened. At the same time, swelling and discomfort are eased with this homeopathic remedy.

It is considered a single remedy medication – a soft grain tablet that dissolves under the tongue and leaves no residue in your mouth.

Easy recovery with Dr. Hernandez

A candidate for facial plastic surgery with Dr. Hernandez can be assured of the utmost care from a woman who will guide you from consultation to surgery and through recovery. The Recovery Support Program and Arnica Montana are supplements that will aid in your surgery and post-operative care and recovery with Dr. Hernandez.



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