When applied with finesse, Sculptra will enhance facial shape and proportion. It requires patience and commitment to a longer process, however. Multiple treatments over an extended period of time produce noticeable, pleasing results, replenishing natural facial volume and contour. –Dr. Hernandez

Sculptra® Aesthetic, a Valuable Collagen Stimulant
with Dr. Hernandez

Sculptra Aesthetic is unique among the selected products in Dr. Hernandez’s portfolio of injectables. It is a volumizing dermal filler containing polylactic acid (PLLA). Like other dermal fillers, Sculptra fills in and smooths out lines and furrows of the skin. Yet, its effects improve with time because of the way Sculptra uniquely stimulates production of the body’s own natural collagen.

A treatment with Sculptra Aesthetic does require a specific series of injections over time and a regimen of gentle self-massages of the face. Over the treatment period, Sculptra gradually restores significant robustness and volume to the cheeks.

Its aesthetic rejuvenation can last up to two years. Sculptra is better than other injectables for treating broader areas of the face.

It corrects deeper volume problems that come from bone and fatty tissue loss. I use it to treat facial areas that hollow out early in life, most frequently around the cheek and temple. I use it to replace volume all over the face, on multiple levels. Because that’s what makes us look old — losing volume at multiple levels in certain compartments of the face, notes Dr. Hernandez.

Sculptra® in the Hands of Dr. Hernandez

Sculptra Aesthetic was approved by the FDA in 2009. Today, Dr. Hernandez treats patients who are willing to accept the lengthier process requiring the patient to return every four weeks during the treatment period. The number of subsequent visits depends on the age and needs of the individual patient.

“I determine the amount of Sculptra to be used for the treatment based on the patient’s age and needs. Generally, I recommend one vial of Sculptra per decade. For example, someone who is 40 years old will require four vials for the entire treatment spread out over four or five months.”

Treatment with Sculptra also requires the patient to massage the injected areas at regular intervals throughout the first seven days after the injection, three times a day for five-minute periods.

Sculptra Treatment in Boca Raton

Dr. Hernandez’s training and experience as an aesthetic plastic surgeon, coupled with her knowledge of facial anatomy and instinct for facial proportion, sets her apart as a doctor to perform these non-surgical treatments with surgical precision and an artistic eye. A series of Sculptra treatments with Dr. Hernandez will assure a patient of long-lasting results, replenishing natural facial volume and contour.

Dr. Hernandez’s Consultation about Sculptra®

“Due to its specific requirements for the treatment period, Sculptra is not for every patient, so in consultation, I thoroughly explain the lengthier process. I explain that with each of the scheduled return visits to my office, we will evaluate the progress of the treatments, noting in particular the state of relaxation in the face and the gradual effects of the collagen stimulation. Based on each individual’s progress, I will determine how much additional Sculptra should be injected on each successive visit.”

“The results far outweigh the regimen’s drawbacks as the volume restoration from the collagen stimulation can be quite significant,” says Dr. Hernandez.

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