Neck Lift

Someone who has an excess of skin under their chin and feels that this hanging flesh is not attractive should consider a consultation about a neck lift or possibly a lower face lift.   –  Dr. Hernandez

Addressing excess skin under the chin

A person with an unusual amount of skin hanging beneath their chin may want to consider removing that wattle-like sagging by having a neck lift with Dr. Hernandez. Over time, the skin’s loss of elasticity, plus gravity’s toll, can create an abundance of hanging flesh under the chin. This condition can become a concern, especially for men when buttoning a shirt collar or wearing a tie. While it is not as common in women, both sexes may wish to have this area improved.

A neck lift with Dr. Hernandez

Lifting of the neck area is usually done in conjunction with a facelift. There are certain cases where a person might need lifting of the neck region by itself, not so much addressing the face. Depending on your needs, a neck-only lift will enable Dr. Hernandez to tighten the neck muscles and adjust the fat, allowing her to re-drape the skin for a more pleasing appearance. Therefore, neck surgery will reduce the severity of jowling that the excess hanging of tissue can cause.

In a neck lift, Dr. Hernandez will be able to smooth out any prominent “cords” in the neck, those unsightly vertical protrusions of muscle that can extend from the chin down along the neck to the clavicle. If you have these visible cords, Dr. Hernandez will be able to address the problem by restoring a sharper neck angle.

Often, male patients need most of their work done on the neck. This is true if their face does not have as much relaxation as they see and feel on their neck. When a neck lift is done as a standalone procedure, the incisions are hidden around the ear. The incisions along the front of the ears are placed discreetly inside the ears themselves, or retrotragally.

Sometimes, Dr. Hernandez performs a procedure known as Z-plasty. This technique is likely to be performed when a man simply wants to remove that hanging skin below the chin but does not wish to undergo a lower facelift.

Z-plasty is generally an outpatient, same day procedure. The surgery does require an incision in front of the neck; this incision is made in the shape of a “Z.” Performed when the patient is under intravenous or local sedation, the surgeon is able to remove excess skin and fat, while still having sufficient access to tighten the platysma muscle. A Z-plasty procedure can remove unwanted hanging tissue in front of the neck in male patients.

Recovering from neck lift surgery with Dr. Hernandez

Following neck lift surgery, Dr. Hernandez takes great care to ensure your recovery period is smooth and comfortable. You may experience a small amount of bruising, minimal swelling, and slight discomfort. It will take about one to two weeks to recover depending on the extent of the neck surgery. Strenuous exercise is also discouraged for four weeks.

Dr. Hernandez always strives to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery from neck lift surgery.

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