Corner of Mouth (Marionette Line) Correction

As we age, lines form at the commissure of the mouth (corner of the mouth). These feathered wrinkles known as “marionette lines” go from the corner of the mouth and continue down to the side of the chin. They are also known as labial mandibular folds. Marionette lines may be even more accentuated when a patient develops jowling.

The chin area is comprised of fatty tissue, muscle layers, and the ligaments that attach to the bone structure. “If I see a break in the softness in the chin area or notice an indentation, I know that some of the soft tissues have lost their fullness and elasticity. This can cause a certain degree of groove that appears on the side of the chin. This crease connects to the corner of the mouth and causes the jowling to be more pronounced,” notes Dr. Hernandez.

Dermal Fillers Can Soften the Marionette Lines

When this area starts to relax, its can show a deepening of these indentations. Dr. Hernandez can soften the marionette lines in the commissure of the mouth with Juvederm XC, Radiesse, or Sculptra, a collagen stimulant. This will rejuvenate the corners of the mouth and decrease the severity of the marionette lines.

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