Facials are among the most frequently requested anti-aging and wellness treatments offered by aesthetician Anouck Fauteux. In the office of Dr. Hernandez, patients have several different facial options to choose from, including the Hydro Facial, Skin Specific Facial, and the Tri Layer Facial.

Hydro Facials

Hydro facial treatments moisturize the skin, and they are soothing and refreshing. A hydro facial cleanses, exfoliates, and extracts impurities. Most importantly, these facials hydrate the skin with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronan, the body’s natural hydrating sugar.

Hydro facials benefit all skin types and conditions, says Anouck. Using a variety of serums that include multi-vitamins and moisturizers, the facial is performed with a hydrating device that allows me to nourish the skin with targeted serums.

The Hydro Facial enhanced by the new HydroWand®

Anouck uses the new HydroWand® from Altair Instruments to perform hydro facials in the offices of Dr. Hernandez. The diversity of the Hydro Wand significantly enhances the traditional hydro facial, and throughout the treatment, the patient is comfortable and relaxed.

The wand’s special hand pieces, through their vacuum action, ensure a deeper infusion of various special serums. Three different soft tips allow the aesthetician to infuse anti-oxidants, peptides, skin lighteners, and other serums that give her the flexibility to address different skin conditions. With the HydroWand, Anouck can effectively clear brown spots, oily and acne-prone skin, and congested skin.

“The HydroWand allows me to deliver serums more effectively to help correct and improve certain skin conditions. With its three unique settings, I can customize the facial to the individual’s needs and perform a more comprehensive facial treatment for each client.”

Hydro Facials recommended pre- and post-op

Hydro facials can be performed before and after surgical procedures, as well as after a facial peel, adding another dimension to the facial rejuvenation and restoration process. Dr. Hernandez frequently advises her surgical patients to schedule a visit with Anouck prior to their surgery and afterwards as well to maintain their skin.

The objective of any facial treatment is to address problematic skin conditions, and the HydroWand offers an added advantage. It makes the patient feel good and more confident about themselves. They leave smiling and feeling refreshed, says Dr. Hernandez.

With a hydro facial, there is no discomfort or downtime.

Skin-Specific Facials

Anouck can tailor a facial to meet your individual needs and objectives. These skin-specific facials can be customized and designed for your skin type. Anouck can apply products, do extractions, or perform a multitude of other techniques to treat a variety of skin conditions. The skin-specific facial is a treatment that you might wish to have prior to a special occasion or event. This relaxing facial can lift the spirits and add brightness to your face.

Tri-Layer Facial

This type of facial involves a triple-level exfoliation process. It includes a manual exfoliation (gommage*), an enzyme peel for buffing, and a glycolic agent that allows deeper penetration of the products that are applied according to skin type and condition. This process is quite thorough and leaves the skin clearer, smoother, and well-hydrated.

*Gommage is a very traditional means of exfoliation that pre-dates chemical exfoliants. It can be a cream or paste applied to the skin, then rubbed off by the aesthetician. The gommage rolls up off the skin as it is rubbed, picking up the skin’s outermost dead skin cells. The word comes from the French term that means “to erase.”

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