Cards from patients of
Dr. Hernandez

Dear Dr. Hernandez, Melanie, Dr. Brown, Sadeeka and Linda,

First of all, thanks for all the wonderful work you performed on me. You all make for quite a team and I was impressed with each of you and the job you did. I felt like I was in the best of care, and that is so important at a time of such stress and in security. Also the flowers are just beautiful! They meant so much to me and I thank you all!!

Most Sincerely

Dear Dr. Hernandez and staff,

Thank you for these beautiful flowers and for the most superb care! You made everything easy and the results are outstanding! I had complete trust in your skills and your attention to every detail.


Dear Vivian,

Dad always told me to go to the “best” I listened and went. Thank you for your expertise and your care. It was painless, meticulous and not one moment lost, all because of your ability. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make my dad proud.


Dear Dr. Hernandez,

How do I thank you for a gift for my “forever”? That is what you’ve given me and I am so very grateful. Thank you for your knowledge, your talent and your generosity. I knew you would be the one take me on a journey I wasn’t sure I was ready to take. You alleviated my concerns, your confidence carried me though. I am delighted with the results. Many thanks to Melanie for being a support and helpmate to your office and me. Many thanks for giving me back “me.”

Fondest Regards

It seems like yesterday that I was sitting in the waiting room for the first time, reading note after note from satisfied patients. Now, it’s been over two weeks post-surgery for me and I’m happy to join the group.

What can I say—my experience was a joy from start to finish. In our first consultation, Dr. Vivian Hernandez inspired my trust and confidence. I told her what I wanted from the surgery and she was clear about what she could do for me and how she would do it. I liked that she limited her practice to facial rejuvenation. Dr. H had excellent credentials but was not arrogant or condescending, traits that I’ve found off-putting in other plastic surgeons.

The office had a soothing, welcoming atmosphere, complemented by Patient Coordinator Melanie Kurzweil—always warm, efficient, and happy to deal with my questions and requests. I never felt rushed by the doctor or Melanie. This was not a facelift factory—I was made to feel special during every visit. I requested and was thrilled to be given a surgery date that was only a few weeks after my consultation.

What impressed me most about Vivian Hernandez-Plastic Surgery of the Face (except the results of the surgery, of course!) was that every detail was explained to me at exactly the time I needed to know it. Years of experience were put to good use with the detailed literature I was given—how to prepare: what to expect before, during and after surgery; lists of supplies and prescriptions needed; and day-by-day instructions. I felt informed, reassured, and non-stressed every step of the way.

Before and after the surgery, Dr. Hernandez called me at home several times, and I appreciated her 24-hour phone accessibility. Even the anesthesiologist phoned two days pre-op. On the morning of my surgery, Dr. H helped to calm me with her kind manner and easy conversation. I woke up in the comfortable recovery room to warmth and smiles from the team. The nurse was wonderful, helping me throughout a very long night. And I was sent home with a beautiful flower arrangement to cheer me.

Dr. H’s time-tested methods resulted in a nearly pain-free recovery with way less down time than is usual. After two weeks, I’m out and about and I feel great. And how do I look? Exactly how I was promised. The problem areas are gone and I look like ME, only tuned up and fresh. I’m so pleased that I treated myself to this confidence booster and I will most enthusiastically recommend Dr. Hernandez to my family and friends.
With sincere gratitude,

Dear Dr. Hernandez,

I am honored to know you! Your professionalism, kind-hearted, patient, delicate, and genuine passion to perform your "art" has impacted me (my life) forever! I admire your talent and expertise. I am so happy and proud to look in the mirror at my new face! You've given me back the beauty I used to "feel." I am forever grateful to you!

Thank you from the bottom on my heart!

Dr. Hernandez,

At a glance she appears as a delicate flower with beauty and grace, but possessing the power to transform what was causing sadness and grief into a whole new look and a lot of relief! To be blessed with such talent, wisdom and skill, is truly a gift when it's used to fulfill one's dreams, hopes and wishes. Where do you begin? I'm so glad my prayers were answered by a lovely lady called Vivian.

With all my Thanks!

Dear Dr. Hernandez,

When Tom Reese said, you have the golden touch... he wasn't kidding! Thank you so very much to all your gentle and professional care. It was a pleasure to be your patient. Your office and nursing staff were excellent. I appreciate all your concern about my husband.. he is getting better! I hope we will meet again.. not to soon..maybe 10 years.

Enjoy a wonderful summer!


Dr Hernandez,

I visited several doctors before I saw you, from California to Florida; and I just had to say that I couldn't have found a better doctor in the world. Thank you!

And thank you for you loving kindness and superb bedside manner!!


Dear Dr. Hernandez,

When I finally made up my mind to undergo plastic surgery for a face lift, I knew instinctively I had to secure the services of a doctor who was not only capable, but sensitive, understanding, patient, and dedicated. I am happy to say, Dr Hernandez that you have all these qualities. Frankly, I could not be more pleased with the results and the relationship from our initial meeting to my last visit.

My family and friends have commented on my natural and well rested appearance. I now have and that applies to those who are not aware of the surgery. I cannot overstate my personal satisfaction and pleasure whenever I hear these comments.

Even more importantly is the inner pleasure that I personally feel whenever I think of what was then and what is now, thanks to you. It has given me a better feeling about myself. I know I really haven't changed. I still have my same values, I do perceive that I'm a better human being than I was prior to this experience. Andy and I are grateful to you for being there when I needed you.

Our Best Regards,

Dear Dr. Hernandez,

What a pleasant surprise when I arrived home, and looked in the mirror. Complete Joy! No redness, swelling or lumps. I think I'm hooked. Thanks again for your magic.

Dear Dr. Hernandez,

You are an incredible person as well as surgeon! It took me 3 years to gather courage to go through this "ordeal" again but you made it an easier, happier experience from the very beginning. You are a caring woman who understands another woman's fears, wants, and needs, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the smile on my newer fresher face!!

You are a credit to your profession and I will always remember you with happiness!

Card-8Dear Dr. Hernandez,

Words are totally inadequate at this time to express to you how tremendously pleased I have been with my entire experience with your office to date. From the very first time I visited with you for my initial consultation I was totally confident that I had chosen the right physician and the right office. Each day has only served to confirm that I was right.....

Dear Dr. Hernandez

I want to thank you for your very generous gift to me. It was so very thoughtful and nice of you. I truly am enjoying my look, thanks to you. It brightens each day for me which really helps at this time. I am so happy that Dr. Aston sent me to you. Not only do I respect you and love your magnificent skills. I treasure your friendship.

Again, thank you,

Dear Dr. Hernandez,

Just to let you know how happy I am that you performed my surgery. Your tender care, concern, and talented hands speeded my recovery.

To you and all the staff, my heartfelt appreciation.


Dear Dr. Hernandez,

I have always known what a fantastic and fine Doctor you are since my first experience with you. All the people I have sent to you have agreed with me. I want you to know not only are you a great Doctor, but a kinds, wonderful and understanding lady. Thank you for all you have done for me and it is greatly appreciated.

With all the best, fondly with love,

Dearest Dr. Hernandez,

You put it there!
and I mean that literally... Thanks!

I'm so pleased at the way my surgery turned out and I know it is all due to your skill, careful planning and the fact that you are the absolute best in your field. I'm so grateful that I found you.



Dear Dr. Hernandez,

I don't know how to begin to tell you just how happy I am with my rejuvenated self and to thank you for using your considerable talent and artistry to give me this new fresh look. Besides your skill as a surgeon it is your empathy and sincere interest which made me feel so confident and assured that you wouldn't disappoint. I've loved our conversations and your wonderful sense of humor.

I couldn't have gotten better care and attention than what I received from you and your staff. I've been singing your praises to everyone I know. So again, thank you - friends who have seen me recently say "It's you - only better" what a wonderful compliment! I only wish I had a couple of more faces for you to "de-sag".

Very Fondly,

Dear Dr. Hernandez

This letter may be a bit delinquent, but I want you to know it is most sincere. Since my surgery, I have felt wonderful both physically and psychologically. It has really made a difference in my life. I really believe that had I not come to you for an initial consultation, I never would have gathered the nerve to go ahead with surgery. You instilled confidence in me from the outset.

I was never worried with you as my surgeon. I appreciated your surgical talent as well as your kind, caring, and thorough manner. If it were ever necessary, I would return to you for surgery and I would readily recommend you to anyone who asks.

Warmest thanks and best regards.

Dear Dr. Hernandez,

Thank you all for your tender loving care and expertise in each of your fields. You made this experience a pleasure instead of a pain. Joy to you from one happy lady.



Dear Dr Hernandez,

I want to thank you for the great job you did. It is so natural my husband loves it and so do I. In fact people look at me ant tell me how great I look that I lost weight. I am wearing my hair different. The only one who really noticed was my brother and he said it was a great job. I'm so pleased. Thank you again - you are a great physician and Doctor. I'll be back to see you soon.

Dear Dr. Hernandez,

Thank you for a wonderful job on my face. Many of my family and friends are truly impressed, as am I! Thank you for an youth!

The flowers were "Beautiful" to accompany my beautiful face!




Dear Dr. Hernandez,

Just a note to thank you and to tell you how pleased I am with my new face and the follow-up care I have received. Thanks again and also for the beautiful bouquet.




Dr Hernandez,

Just a brief note to thank you for all your help and consultation on my recent surgery. You worked with me all along the way, and I'm thrilled that I made the decision to go forward. Your assessment of what was in store was right on target, and I felt a real sense of delight that things went far better than I could have imagined. I look forward to a fresher look each day as I check the mirror.
Thanks again for all your support.


Dear Dr. Hernandez,

Thank you for doing a fine job on my surgery. I shall always remember you. Your kindness and cheerful attitude was appreciated.

Your friend and patient,


Dear Dr. Hernandez,

I am a patient of Dr. Hogan's. You talked to me in the hospital on July 17th prior to my surgery on the 18th and you assisted on my face lift. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your being so kind, caring, and supportive.

I really felt reassured as I lay on the operating table and looked up at your eyes which were saying. "Everything's going to be fine." I wish you could see how great I look - the result far surpassed my highest hopes.

Dear Dr. Hernandez,

I want to thank you for making me feel and look young and beautiful again, especially the gift of not frowning at the wedding! It's been a wonderful experience from the beginning to the end.

Your staff have been kind and caring and you are an amazingly empathetic, gifted surgeon and I thank you. I'm going to be smiling at this wedding! I'll let you know how things work out next week.


Dear Dr. Hernandez,

Just wanted to let you know, how much I appreciated your kindness through all my ordeal. I think you are the Best Doctor I have ever met, and the most caring. You do great work and someday you will be one of the Best Doctor in the world.

I am very happy with my results. Keep up your great work.


Dear Dr. Hernandez,

My family, Bobbie and myself, want to thank you for making the last remaining years of my fathers life interesting, caring, and warm. You personally went out of your way and time to see he was pampered and looked after and would always visit him. You were special to him and a great Doctor. Again thank you  and please don't change, it's Doctors like yourself that keep people going.

Dear Dr. Hernandez,

testimonial35It is important that you know the appreciation that I personally have for the dedication you manifest in the practice of your profession. It is very obvious to me that it is a labor of love. The personal attention you demonstrate in the care of your patients is the same attention one would provide a loved member of her family....



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