A facelift is a surgical procedure that your plastic surgeon may recommend as the best way to correct the effects of aging on the face… Read More

Mini Facelift

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Neck Lift

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Eyelid Surgery

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Forehead / Brow Lift

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Lip Lift

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Chin Augmentation

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Facial Fat Grafting

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Earlobe Repair / Reduction

Earlobe surgery – a simple procedure Earlobe reduction or earlobe repair is a simple procedure that can be performed easily and quickly in the offices… Read More

Surgical Supplements

Before a patient undergoes a surgical procedure of any magnitude, I thoroughly evaluate their overall health and wellness. While some people may already be following… Read More


  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons
  • Certified Expert Injector

Surgical Training:

  • Aesthetic Fellow at New York University Hospital / Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital
  • Aesthetic Fellow at Drs. Baker & Gordon in Miami
  • Residency at University of Illinois Hospital at Chicago
  • General Surgery Training at Cornell University Teaching Hospital

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