Dermabrasion is an effective technique which I use as a component in comprehensive facial rejuvenation. It enables me to carefully smooth facial surface irregularities. Following dermabrasion, the treated area becomes noticeably smoother and clearly refreshed. – Dr. Hernandez

Skin can be refinished and restored with dermabrasion, a very precise mechanical process most often performed by Dr. Hernandez in conjunction with surgical procedures such as a face lift.

Dr. Hernandez’s Personal Advice about Dermabrasion

Based on a thorough evaluation of the general condition of your skin, its thickness, and type of complexion, Dr. Hernandez will advise you on whether or not you are a candidate for dermabrasion. The doctor will also be mindful of other factors such as your age and overall medical condition. She will thoroughly inform you of this safe and refined procedure performed with a rotary instrument known as a handheld abrader.

Precision Dermabrasion with Dr. Hernandez

Dermabrasion has sometimes been considered a challenging procedure to administer correctly. Not so for Dr. Hernandez, who maintains dermabrasion as a viable, proven option in restoring and refinishing certain skin imperfections.

Dr. Hernandez’s aesthetic sensibility and expert plastic surgery skills make her uniquely qualified to implement dermabrasion’s potent refinishing capabilities with delicacy. In her capable hands, she precisely controls the cylindrical head of the abrader as it is moved across the skin’s surface.

Dermabrasion is especially effective in correcting the little lines around the lips and mouth known as the perioral region. These lines are usually produced from puckering movements like smoking.

Today, the doctor uses the latest in handheld abraders to carefully and artistically smooth facial skin. The rounded head of the abrader is covered with the most delicately refined abrading particles. As an artist would use a paintbrush, the doctor guides the abrader continuously and slowly over the targeted epidermis or superficial dermal skin, removing any blemishes or scars down to the desired depth. In Dr. Hernandez’s hands, dermabrasion is a procedure designed to meet your expectations and yield the desired results.

Recovery from Dermabrasion with Dr. Hernandez

Unlike injectables or fillers, the depth and intensity of dermabrasion treatments will require a recovery period spanning seven to ten days. Generally, the patient can resume wearing make-up following this recovery period. Some patients may subsequently require additional dermabrasion treatments. (For additional details about recovery from a face lift, which might include dermabrasion, see the Facelift section.)

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  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons
  • Certified Expert Injector

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  • Aesthetic Fellow at New York University Hospital / Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital
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  • Residency at University of Illinois Hospital at Chicago
  • General Surgery Training at Cornell University Teaching Hospital

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